2024 winter bible study

Sermon on the Mount: Blessings of the Kingdom
Sunday afternoons in February following Worship Service: Potluck, then Bible Study.
Separate classes for adults, kids age 2 - 1st grade, kids 2nd - 6th grade.

Potluck immediately following Sunday morning Worship. Approx. 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Winter Bible Study following Potluck meal. Approx. 1:15 - 3:00 pm

Topics include the beatitudes (be blessed), salt and light, loving your enemies, don’t worry, Lord’s Prayer and solid as a rock. There will be singing, arts, crafts and games as we study what Jesus said!

The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus's most well-known teaching, containing some of the best-loved verses in all of Scripture. In it, Jesus discloses what it means to take part in the good life—the kingdom of heaven that He has brought to the present with His incarnation that will extend into eternity. Through three chapters, Jesus challenges the assumptions of our earthly kingdom and shows how to strive for and participate in a better one.

● Six small group sessions
● Personal study opportunities for ongoing spiritual growth

● Learn directly from Jesus.
● Embrace the source of true blessing.
● See what it means to follow God.
● Find a path to fulfillment and flourishing that is not built on things that pass away but rather on foundations that are secured in heaven.
● Become familiar with a well-known Bible passage.
● See what is required to live as a citizen of the kingdom of heaven.
● Pursue blessing from God’s perspective.
● Begin to see Jesus’s perspective on our hearts.
● Follow Jesus as He transforms your will and intentions to reflect His.